ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION Quiz for SSC Exams Welcome to all of you on our website, if you are

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in competitive exam, let me tell you that only those questions will be there in this. It has been asked

time and again in the past competitive exams. In this article, we will see the practice set series.


Directions: In the following question, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best substitute of the phrase.

  • That which cannot be corrected

(a) Impregnable             (b) Immolation

 (c) Incorrigible              (d) Ineligible

  • A person who is blamed for the wrong doings of others

(a) Bursar                      (b) Captor       

 (c) Phlegmatic               (d) Scapegoat

  • The act of speaking irreverently about sacred things

(a) Atheist                       (b) Blasphemy 

 (c) Bellicose                  (d) Defection

  • A person who talks too much of himself

(a) Egoist                       (b) Elite           

 (c) Emetic                      (d) Egotist

  • Take away or alter the natural qualities of

(a) Denature                  (b) Unadulterated

 (c) Authentic                  (d) Limpid

  • Decay of organic matter producing a fetid smell

(a) Putrefy                      (b) Crisp         

(c) Neoteric                    (d) Virgin

  • Diminish in value over a period of time

(a) Escalate                    (b) Augment    

(c) Aggrandise               (d) Depreciate

  • Not able to produce children

(a) Gravid                      (b) Hebetic      

 (c) Fecund                     (d) Sterile

  • A funeral poem

(a) Elegy                                    (b) Pandemonium

(c) Parody                           (d) Sonnet

  • One who walks in sleep

(a) Drover                      (b) Fastidious 

(c) Numismatist              (d) Somnambulist

  • One skilled in telling stories

(a) Ventral                      (b) Fanatic      

(c) Raconteur                 (d) Tyro

  • Fear of Fire

(a) Arsonphobia             (b) Astraphobia          

 (c) Astropphobia                       (d) Arrhenphobia

  • One who is honourably discharged from service

(a) Belligerent                (b) Emeritus    

(c) Truant                       (d) Mercenary

  • A perception without objective reality

(a) Cynicism                   (b) Hallucination

 (c) Illusion                     (d) Optimism

  • A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy

(a) Callous                     (b) Credulous 

(c) Gullible                     (d) Bohemian

  • One who eats too much

(a) Impostor                   (b) Glutton      

(c) Hypochondriac         (d) Intestate

  • A roundabout way of speaking

(a) Centipede                 (b) Circumlocution

(c) Coercion                   (d) Concentric

  • An old unmarried woman

(a) Masochist                 (b) Septuagenarian

(c) Sniper                       (d) Spinster

  • One who is determined to take full revenge for wrongs done to him

(a) Enmity                      (b) Nigger       

(c) Pedantic                    (d) Vindictive

  • Just punishment for wrongdoing

(a) Dandy                       (b) Nemesis     

(c) Prodigy                     (d) Wagon

  • A strong blast of wind (ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION Quiz for SSC Exams

(a) Implosion                  (b) Trickle       

(c) Gust                          (d) Mantle

  • Phobia of dogs

(a) Orophobia                (b) Cynophobia          

(c) Vatrachophobia        (d) Phemophobia

  • One who is new to a profession

(a) Nuance                     (b) Pun           

 (c) Tyro                         (d) Vandal

  • A speech or a presentation made without previous preparation

(a) Euphemism               (b) Obituary    

(c) Extempore                 (d) Soliloquy

  • Easily duped or fooled

(a) Bigot                         (b) Gullible     

(c) Ridicule                     (d) Venerable

अवश्य पढ़े  – idimos and Quiz Question

  • Atonement for one’s sins

(a) Elite                          (b) Ignoramus 

(c) Incendiary                (d) Repentance

  • Killing of one’s own child

(a) Foeticide                   (b) Filicide      

(c) Infanticide                 (d) Lupicide

  • A lover of work

(a) Oenophile                 (b) Technophile

(c) Romanophile             (d) Ergophile

  • Giving undue favours to one’s own kith and kin

(a) Ableism                     (b) Iconoclast 

(c) Maiden                     (d) Nepotism

  • One who does not care for literature or art

(a) Dictator                    (b) Hypocrite  

(c) Philistine                   (d) Primitive

  • To give up a throne voluntarily

(a) Archer                      (b) Bigot         

(c) Abdicate                    (d) Delegate

  • Words written on the tomb of a person

(a) Epigram                    (b) Epitome     

(c) Epicure                     (d) Epitaph

  • Mania for travel

(a) Dromomania                        (b) Hypomania           

 (c) Megalomania                       (d) Nymphomania

  • One who has suddenly gained new wealth, power or prestige

(a) Egotist                      (b) Imposter    

 (c) Parvenu                   (d) Scullery

  • An associate in crime

(a) Accomplice               (b) Callous      

 (c) Itinerant                   (d) Philistine

  • Man behaving more like a woman than as a man

(a) Biped                                    (b) Effeminate 

 (c) Gregarious              (d) Inalienable

  • Speaking with a stammer or lisp

(a) Melliloquent             (b) Dentiloquent

 (c) Fatiloquent              (d) Stuttering

  • Excessive desire to work

(a) Ergomania                (b) Idolomania

 (c) Islomania                 (d) Ethnomania

  • Study of tumours

(a) Oenology                  (b) Oncology  

 (c) Phrenology              (d) Upology

  • The highest point

(a) Tempest                    (b) Outpost     

(c) Archive                     (d) Zenith

  • That which is away from centre

(a) Eccentric                  (b) Eclectic     

 (c) Ellipsis                     (d) Equine

  • One who value practicality

(a) Apotheosis                (b) Pliable       

(c) Pragmatist                (d) Realist

  • One who loads and uploads ships

(a) Stevedore                  (b) Transgressor

(c) Lapidist                     (d) Reticent

  • Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted

(a) Invocation                (b) Incognito   

(c) Heresy                      (d) Mercenary

  • Distorted representation of something

(a) Travesty                    (b) Solemnity  

(c) Seriousness               (d) Gravity

  • A feeling of intense longing for something

(a) Yearning                   (b) Apathy       

(c) Satiety                       (d) Gratification

  • In exactly the same words as were used originally

(a) Verbatim                   (b) Offbeat      

(c) Divergent                  (d) Contrary

  • A person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions

(a) Adherent                   (b) Sceptic      

(c) Zealot                                    (d) Ineligible

  • Showing strong feeling

(a) Meek                         (b) Vehement  

(c) Apathetic                   (d) Impotent

  • A sheath for the blade of a sword

(a) Scabbard                  (b) Denude     

(c) Divulge                     (d) Expose

  • The upward force that a fluid exerts on a body floating in it

(a) Upthrust                   (b) Plunge       

(c) Submerge                  (d) Capsize

  • The use of irony to mock or convey contempt

(a) Sanction                   (b) Flatter       

(c) Compliment               (d) Sarcasm

  • The crime of betraying one’s country

(a) Treason                    (b) Frankness 

 (c) Fidelity                     (d) Allegiance

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  • Fanatical and uncompromising pursuit of ideals
(a) Nonpartisan              (b) Zealotry     
 (c) Neutral                     (d) Aloof
  • Seeing to harm someone in return for a perceived injury
(a) Affable                      (b) Cordial      
(c) Vengeful                    (d) Benign
  • The state of being in short supply

(a) Plethora                    (b) Myriad      

(c) Scarcity                     (d) Profusion

  • Protection of or authority over someone

(a) Autonomous              (b) Tutelage    

(c) Nonaligned               (d) Unaided

  • Optimistic in an apparently difficult situation

(a) Sanguine                  (b) Pallid        

(c) Pessimistic                (d) Sallow

  • Conformity to facts

(a) Veracity                    (b) Deceit        

(c) Hypothesis                (d) Theory

  • Search for and collect anything usable from discarded waste

(a) Scavenge                  (b) Disperse    

 (c) Dissipate                  (d) Scatter

  • Excessively lengthy speech

(a) Concision                 (b) Verbiage   

 (c) Curt                         (d) Succinct

  • An ornamented staff carried by rulers on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of sovereignty

(a) Spectacle                  (b) Receptacle 

 (c) Sceptre                     (d) Zephyr

  • The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed

(a) Vigour                      (b) Vulnerability

 (c) Fortitude                  (d) Clout

  • A solemn promise or undertaking

(a) Pledge                      (b) Deceit        

(c) Myth                         (d) Perjury

  • Interrupt (a public speaker) with derisive or aggressive comments or abuse

(a) Heckle                      (b) Soothe       

(c) Allay                         (d) Dulcify

  • Not being what it purports to be (ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION Quiz for SSC Exams)

(a) Legitimate                 (b) Palpable    

 (c) Evident                     (d) Spurious

  • The state or quality of being holy

(a) Avarice                     (b) Baseness   

(c) Sanctity                     (d) Parsimony

  • A substance easily evaporated at normal temperatures

(a) Volatile                     (b) Steadfast   

(c) Enduring                   (d) Definite

  • Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain

(a) Sadistic                     (b) Genial       

 (c) Tender                     (d) Placid

  • A person highly skilled ion music

(a) Virtuoso                    (b) Amateur    

 (c) Novice                      (d) Dabbler

  • Free from disturbance

(a) Tranquil                    (b) Agitated     

(c) Chaotic                     (d) Violent

  • An arrangement of flowers fastened in a ring used for laying on a grave

(a) Brier                         (b) Prickle       

(c) Wreath                      (d) Splint

  • To move back and forth or sideways
(a) Sojourn                     (b) Tarriance  
(c) Traverse                    (d) Breather
  • The remains of something that has been badly damaged
(a) Pristine                     (b) Immaculate           
(c) Wreckage                  (d) Sterile
  • Deliberately destroy something for military advantage

(a) Devotion                   (b) Fidelity      

(c) Sabotage                   (d) Ardour

  • The area near or surrounding a particular place

(a) Horizon                    (b) Vicinity      

(c) Distant                      (d) Removed

  • Full of twists and turns

(a) Tortuous                   (b) Smooth      

(c) Cinch                                    (d) Fascile

  • The practice of magic

(a) Palpable                   (b) Witchery    

(c) Substantial                (d) Corporal

  • Irritating inconvenience

(a) Tranquillity               (b) Hassle       

(c) Harmony                   (d) Rectitude

  • A punishment imposed for breaking a law, rule, or contract

(a) Penalty                     (b) Reprieve    

(c) Grace                                    (d) Amnesty

  • Complete with regard to every detail

(a) Thorough                  (b) Lackadaisical

(c) Lax                            (d) Cursory

  • The faculty or power of using one’s will

(a) Antagonism               (b) Aversion    

(c) Rejection                   (d) Volition

SSC Special Notes

  • The quality of being particularly noticeable

(a) Salience                    (b) Frivolous   

(c) Immaterial                (d) Trivial

  • Of a disease or poison extremely severe or harmful in its effects

(a) Innocuous                 (b) Virulent     

(c) Naïve                                    (d) Inoffensive

  • A person or thing that is likely to cause harm

(a) Menace                     (b) Cordial      

(c) Festal                                    (d) Blithe

  • Having or involving an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something

(a) Valiant                      (b) Stout          

(c) Phobic                      (d) Foolhardy

One Word substitution CGL (PT) 2016

  • A person who has lost the protection on the law.

(a) Outlaw                      (b) Immigrant

(c) Outcast                     (d) Orphan

  • Falsification of documents etc.

(a) Xeroxing                   (b) Forgery     

(c) Laminating                (d) Copying

  • To make atonement for one’s sins

(a) Expiate                     (b) Renounce  

(c) Remonstrate              (d) Recant

  • Committing murder in revenge

(a) Massacre                  (b) Vendetta    

(c) Homicide                  (d) Regicide

  • The thing that can be easily broken

(a) Amorphous               (b) Brittle        

(c) Subtle                                    (d) Solid

  • An unimportant person

(a) Nonagenarian                      (b) Nonentity   

(c) Nonpareil                  (d) Nonconformist

  • Expert who scientifically study insects

(a) Gerontologists          (b) Pathologists          

(c) Entomologists                       (d) Ornithologists

  • One who pretends to be what he is not

(a) Hypocrite                  (b) Pessimist   

(c) Optimist                    (d) Infallible

  • A paper/story/poem first written out by hand

(a) Handicraft                (b) Manuscript

(c) Handiwork                (d) Thesis

  • A place where money is coined (ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION Quiz for SSC Exams

(a) Bank                         (b) Mint          

(c) Firm                          (d) Parliament

  • The process by means of which plants and animals breathe

(a) Respiration               (b) Germination          

(c) Absorption                (d) Transpiration

  • One who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men

(a) Critic                                    (b) Connoisseur          

(c) Pedant                      (d) Cynic

  • Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors

(a) Patrimony                 (b) Mercenary

(c) Hereditary                (d) Aristocracy

  • A person who is woman in his habits

(a) Feminist                    (b) Philogynist

(c) Effeminate                 (d) Feminine

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