Idioms and Phrases Quiz Questions

Idioms and Phrases Quiz Questions If you are preparing for any competitive exam, then you will study about the most important chapter from Idioms and Phrases Quiz Questions in this article for all of you, let me tell you that Idioms and Phrases Quiz Questions every one from this article Questions are definitely asked in competitive exams, so you must read once before any exam and give test series. 

Idioms and Phrases Quiz Questions

Direction : In the following questions alternatives are given for the idiom/phrases underlined in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

  • For his alleged involvement in espionage, he is under a cloud these days.

        (a)   experiencing cloudy weather                     (b) enjoying favourable luck

        (c)   under suspicion                                        (d) under observation

  • He was all at sea when he began his new job.

        (a) Unhappy                                                    (b) happy              

        (c) sad                                                           (d) puzzled

  • Caesar was done to death by the conspirators.

        (a) eliminated                                                 (b) attacked          

        (c) murdered                                                  (d) removed

  • The effort to trace the culprit was a wild goose chase.

        (a) fruitful hunting                                          (b) futile search     

        (c) ideal seeking                                              (d) genuine effort

  • The luxury car that they bought turned out to be a white elephant.

        (a)   a rare article                                           (b) useful mode of transport

        (c)   costly or troublesome possession               (d) a proud possession

  • My close friend got the sack from, his first job recently.

        (a) resigned                                                    (b) got rid of          

        (c) was demoted                                            (d) was dismissed

  • Very ambitious people do to like to rest on their laurels.

        (a) to be unhappy                                           (b) to be motivated

        (c) to be impatient                                          (d) to be complacent

  • If the phones again, I am going to give him a piece of my mind.

        (a) to be nice to him                                                 (b) to take revenge on him

        (c) to reprimand him                                       (d) to support him

  • Indians are going places in the field of software technology.

        (a) going abroad                                             (b) going to spaces

        (c) talented and successful                              (d) friendly and amicable

  • Why don’t you put an end to blowing your own trumpet?

        (a)        playing your own trumpet to produce music (b)  making too much noise

        (c) praising your own abilities and achievements (d) None of the above

  • Thought be is a close fisted person, he donated liberally to the Earthquake Relief Fund.

        (a)   a frugal person                                        (b) physically handicapped

        (c)   a miserly person                                                 (d) a poor perso

  • A wise politician is one who keep his flatterers at an arm’s length.

        (a)   well looked after                                       (b) in good humour

        (c)   quarrelling among themselves                   (d) at a safe distance

  • He didn’t tell me directly, but reading between the lines, I think he is not happy with


          (a)   reading slowly and haltingly

        (b)   understanding the sense rather than the actual words 

        (c)   understanding the meaning of words and not the sense

        (d)   reading superficially

  • The young and the old sat cheek by jowl in the large audience.

        (a)   very near                                                (b)  very far

        (c)   tongue tied                                              (d)  irritated

  • She is a fair-weather friend.

        (a)   a good friend                                           (b) a friend who meets difficulties calmly

        (c)   one who deserts you in difficulties             (d) a favourable friend

  • After independence India agriculture rose like a phoenix due to the Green Revolution.

        (a)   with a new life                                        (b) with royal gait

        (c)   with a start                                             (d) with vengeance

  • To emerge out to thin air means to

        (a)   appear suddenly                                      (b)  gradually

        (c)   fall down quickly                                      (d) from space

  • My friend is very much interested in gardening and has green fingers.

        (a)   fingers that are green in colour                 (b) natural ability to grow plants

        (c)   fingers that are very strong                       (d) green colour flower ports

  • He is an interesting speaker but tends to go off at a tangent.

        (a)   change the subject immediately                 (b) target things in between

        (c)   go on at great length                                (d) become boisterous

  • The smuggler was like a cat on hot bricks, when the police raided his house.

        (a)   cool and confident                                     (b) greatly upset

        (c)   wild and furious                                        (d) very agitated

  • The clerk turned a deaf ear to his officer’s advice.

        (a) disputed                                                    (b) paid attention to

        (c)disregarded                                                (d) acknowledged gratefully

  • He has resigned his job and burnt his boats so far as government service is concerned.

        (a)   felt dejected                                             (b) blasted his hopes

        (c) ruined himself                                            (d) left no means of retreat

  • “Don’t try to throw dust into my eyes. You will not success.”

        (a)   You should not try to blind me with dust.   (b) I know how to protect my eyes.

        (c)   I will not let you blind me with dust.                     (d) Don’t try to mislead or confuse me.

  • The scientist worked for donkey’s years to arrive at the formula.

        (a)   a long time                                              (b) a short time

        (c)   for donkeys                                             (d) for few years

  • It is bad to try to fish in troubled waters.

        (a)   go for fishing and cause trouble                (b) fish in hot weather

        (c)   catch fish in disturbed waters                             (d) make a profit out of a disturbance

  • Our house is within a stone’s throw from the Red Building.

        (a)   far off                                                      (b)  faraway

        (c)   very near to                                            (d)  beside

  • The day I graduated was a red-letter day for me.

        (a)   a dangerous day                                      (b) an important day

        (c)   an eventful day                                         (d) a formidable day

  • The teacher announced that she had no blue-eyed boys in the class.

        (a)   royal children                                                       (b) young boys

        (c)   foreigner                                                  (d) favourites

  • The ruling party has been warned not to play to the gallery.(Idioms and Phrases Quiz Questions)

        (a)   to give importance to the common man     (b) to try to be sensational

        (c)   to seek to win approval                             (d) to sidetrack the issue

  • Don’t worry about the silly row. It was just a storm in a tea cup.

        (a)   important matter dealt with ease               (b) hot tea being served

        (c)   commotion over a trivial matter                (d) confusion and chaos

  • When I landed in New York for the first time I felt quite at sea.

        (a)   perplexed                                                 (b) on the beach

        (c)   near the sea                                             (d) n the ship

  • The rice field in the bone of contention between the two brothers.

        (a)   attraction                                                (b) cause of disagreement

        (c)   common land                                           (d) source of income

  • The village headman pretends to be a good Samaritan.

        (a) a religious person                                        (b) a helpful person

        (c) a citizen of Samaria                                    (d) a law-abiding citizen

  • The criminal was pardoned at the eleventh hour just as he was about to be hanged.

        (a) at eleven o’clock                                          (b) suddenly

        (c) at the very last moment                               (d) at midnight

  • He spoke well though it was his maiden speech.

        (a)   long speech                                                       (b) brief speech

        (c)   first speech                                                       (d) emotional speech

  • The two famous writers crossed swards with each other on every issue.

        (a)   fought physically                                      (b) crossed the road on meeting

        (c)   took different routes                                (d) disagreed

  • The traffic came to a standstill after the heavy downpour of rain.

        (a)   complete halt                                           (b) accident spot

        (b)   diversion                                                  (d) confused disorder

  • Whoop it up

(a) Be continually reminded of an unpleasant topic     

(b) Enjoying in a noisy way, usually in a group

(c) Be totally ignorant or incompetent          

(d) Used as an exhortation to overcome or be rid of something

  • With a vengeance

(a) A complete disaster      

(b) Having similar views or attitude to something

(c) To look out for something without particular attention   

(d) Used to emphasize the degree to which something occurs

  • Up against the wall

(a) To take care of themselves and their own interests and safety

(b) In a disorderly fashion  

(c) In an inextricable situation      

(d) Performing well in a difficult or competitive situation

  • Reap the whirlwind

(a) Providing that other factors or circumstance remain the same 

(b) Suffer negative consequences as a result of one’s actions

(c) An indication that something is accepted or regarded favourably        

(d) Believing that moderation is more satisfying than excess

  • Of the first water

(a) Leading a comfortable life                          (b) Acting contrary to the one’s interests

(c) Critically important                                    (d) Of the best quality

  • Weather the storm

(a) Be absolutely unwilling to cooperate          

(b) Fall over in a sudden or dramatic way

(c) Survive a period of difficulty                      

(d) Dispute a decision or choice already made

  • Spin your wheels

(a) Set an activity in motion                                       (b) Waste your time or efforts

(c) A firmly held belief                                     (d) With great affection or enthusiasm

  • Wear the green willow

(a) To do something for someone as an act of kindness       

(b) Suffer unrequited love

(c) Cause someone to be very frightened

(d) Producing a lavish celebrating feast

  • Wild and woolly

(a) Uncouth in appearance or behaviour           

(b) Either too much of something or too little

(c) Near to perfection        

(d) Ignoring all obligations

  • Give it a whirl

(a) To be engaged in cheating                          (b) To completely destroy something

(c) Attach or criticize someone                        (d) To try out something

  • Jog someone’s memory

(a) Describing someone                                  

(b) Appreciating someone’s humor

(c) To be love with someone’s intelligence                  

(d) To cause someone to remember something

  • Be in the red

(a) To be very angry                                       (b) Close to death

(c) To be in debt                                              (d) Always energetic

  • Foot the bill

(a) To get good discount on a total bill             (b) To pay for something

(c) To manipulate the bill                                 (d) To avoid paying for little expenses

  • Catch 22

(a) A Particular situation in which one cannot do anything

(b) Close to winning line

(c) Able to achieve the target

(d) Grabbing the opportunity on time

  • Carry the can

(a) To listen to something with considerable doubt

(b) To be impatient          

(c) To be in touch

(d) To take the responsibility of some misdemeanor

  • Paper over the cracks

(a) To take risk           

(b) To cause embarrassment

(c) To hide problems

(d) To be absent from duty without permission

  • Be a dab hand at something

(a) Always telling nonsense                              (b) Hearing a fake intention

(c) Ready to listen to other people’s conversation(d) Skilled in a particular area

  • Get cracking

(a) To delay little longer                                   (b) To destroy at the end

(c) To waste time in waiting                                       (d) To start doing something

  • A hair’s breadth

(a) Telling about the smallest possible amount or degree of something

(b) Irresponsible pleasure sealing in an old age

(c) Praising someone’s abilities and achievements

(d) Looking for something which is not clearly visible

  • Come hell or high water

(a) No matter what                                         (b) Feeling ill

(c) Possible obstacles in one’s path                             (d) Something good and useful

  • Hornet’s nest

(a) A troublesome situation                                       (b) To try utmost   

(c) To ascertain                                               (d) To make peace

  • In the teeth of (Idioms and Phrases Quiz Questions)

(a) In fashion                                                 (b) Inspite of something   

(c) In brief                                                       (d) Fail to keep position

  • In a flutter

(a) Effective                                                     (b) Almost nothing

(c) In a nervous state                                        (d) Certain

  • All Greek to me

(a) Out of danger                                            (b) Incomprehensible       

(c) Very dear                                                  (d) Consulting seriously

  • Mealy mouthed

(a) Foolishly ideal                                           

(b) Speaking harshly

(c) Unwilling to state something                      

(d) To speak something straightforwardly

  • No love lost

(a) Complimentary                                          (b) A seer’s last creation

(c) Self satisfied                                              (d) Intense dislike

  • Our of sorts

(a) To be equal to                                            (b) To be unwell

(c) To make peace                                          (d) To ignore

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  • Pay lip service

(a) Candidly                                                     (b) Pretend to regard

(c) Encouraging                                              (d) To defend

  • Rip up old sores

(a) To be defeated                                         (b) To punish

(c) To revive forgotten quarrel                        (d) To deal with a person strictly

  • Rule to roost

(a) To repent                                                  (b) To dominate     

(c) To understand                                            (d) To apologize

  • To keep the wolf from the door

(a) Avoid starvation                                         (b) Crack the deal

(c) Entry prohibited                                          (d) Have a pleasant tour

  • Teething problems

(a) Oral problems     

(b) Problems at the start of a new project

(c) Problems for quite a long time in adjusting in adjusting in the new place       

(d) Problem of having good dentist

  • Mealy-mouthed

(a) Ill-tempered                                               (b) Soft-spoken      

(c) Enthusiastic                                                         (d) Depressed

  • By fits and starts

(a) Occasionally                                             (b) Totally    

(c) Finally                                                      (d) Irregularly

  • Rat race

(a) Make others fight for scraps and get sadistic pleasure out of it

(b) Be an oppressive boss and treat employees like animals   

(c) A way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for

  wealth or power

(d) Play games with the lives of other people and see them run aimlessly

  • Spin one’s wheels
(a) Keep bragging about oneself                       (b) Try your luck    
(c) Expel much effort for little or no gain          (d) Start a long journey
  • Put one’s foot down
(a) Give up easily without a fight  
(b) Learn to dance in spite of being clumsy
(c) Adopt a firm policy when faced with opposition or disobedience
(d) Take the first step of a very long difficult journey
  • Whistle in the dark
(a) Pretend to be unafraid                               (b) A ray of hope in the worst of times 
(c) See a ghost while dreaming                         (d) Be blind and fall into a trap
  • The alpha and the omega

(a) Happy and sad                                          (b) The beginning and the end    

(c) The love and the hatred                              (d) Truth and dare

  • Throw up the sponge

(a) To attack                                                 (b) To laugh at someone

(c) To surrender                                             (d) To talk loudly

Read Mores : one word substitution for competitive exams 

  • To put a spoke in one’s wheel

(a) To be advantageous at the time of difficulty

(b) To maintain under all circumstances 

(c) To blame the other party                           

(d) To put a difficulty in the way of progress

  • At loggerheads

(a) To suffer                                                   (b) In conflict with someone

(c) To face tough competition                           (d) To be in do or die situation

  • A wild goose chase

(a) Fruitful search                                           (b) Timely search

(c) Useless search                                            (d) Wrong decision

  • A moot point

(a) Agreeable                                                  (b) Disputed 

(c) Unclear                                                     (d) Unknown

  • Spick and Span

(a) High and low                                             (b) Dark and light

(c) Neat and clean                                           (d) Happy and sad

  • To draw the longbow

(a) To nullify                                                   (b) To exaggerate

(c) To underrate                                             (d) To demarcate

  • All agog

(a) Avoid                                                         (b) Contentment    

(c) Amazed                                                     (d) Unsystematically

  • Not to mince matters

(a) To be at ease                                             (b) To not confuse others

(c) To not interfere in others affairs                  (d) To speak out politely

  • Kick the bucket

(a) Loose temper                                             (b) To delay a little longer

(c) To die                                                        (d) To meet with an accident

  • An axe to grind

(a) To act bravely                                            (b) To act like a fool

(c) To have a selfish motive                              (d) To take risk

  • Will-o-the wisp

(a) Something that is impossible to get or achieve.      

(b) To keep off an unwanted and undesirable person.

(c) To spend recklessly.      

(d) Accept or leave the offer.

  • To go through fire and water

(a) To scold someone         

(b) To experience many dangers in order to achieve something       

(c) To act without restraints         

(d) Something which hurts

SSC English Quiz 

  • Chicken-hearted

(a) Coward                                                     (b) Short tempered

(c) Composed                                                  (d) Bold

  • Red letter day
(a) Starting day                                                (b) Holiday   
(c) Significant day                                           (d) Ending day
  • Ended in a fiasco
(a) A complete failure                                      (b) A successful event
(c) Changed one completely                                       (d) Twisted around
  • Sow wild oats
(a) To make someone fool                                       (b) To make space to red
(c) To take revenge                                       (d) To waste time by doing foolish things
  • Live from hand to mouth (Idioms and Phrases Quiz Questions)

(a) Filthy rich people        

(b) To be dependent on others             

(c) To have enough money to live on and nothing              

(d) Living in miserable conditions.

  • To face the music

(a) To bear the consequences                         (b) To disparage someone

(c) To be hard of hearing                               (d) To enjoy a musical concert

  • Pillar to post

(a) Main support of an object                         (b) One place to another  

(c) To be reluctant                                        (d) To incite others

  • Hobson’s choice

(a) To choose first in row                              

(b) To make a careful choice     

(c) No real choice at all                                

(d) To seek all favourable alternatives to choose from

  • Adam’s ale

(a) Gift                                                         (b) Food

(c) Water                                                      (d) Belongings

  • At one’s wits end

(a) A man of ability                                       (b) At the last moment

(c) To get puzzled                                         (d)Undecided controversy

  • To steal a march

(a) To act in a foolish way                                       (b) To break something           

(c) To outshine                                              (d) To see a hidden meaning

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