One word Substitution for SSC CGL 2023

One word Substitution for SSC CGL 2023 : One Word Substitution is an essential topic of

vocabulary. As the Name Suggest, question based on this concept ask you to replace a give

sentence with an appropriate word. one word substitution is an Importation concept in the

English language as it makes communication much more concise, lucid and easy.

Directions (1-25): Out of the four alternatives, chose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences.

Q1. A land fit for growing crops

A) Sprout

B) Sterilized

C) Venerable

D) Arable

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  Answer :-   (D) Arble

Q2.A record of historical events

A) Documentary

B) Anecdotes

C) Annals

D) Archives

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  Answer :-   (C) Annals

Q3.A person who looks at the bright side of things

A) Pessimist

B) Sycophant

C) Cynic

D) Optimist

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  Answer :-   (D) Optimist

Q4.One who knows many languages

A) Polyphony

B) Polyan

C) Polyglot

D) Polygamy

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  Answer :-   (C) Polyglot

Q5.Study of the skin and its diseases

A) Dendrology

B) Axiology

C) Dermatology

D) Dactylogy

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  Answer :-   (C) Dermatology

Q6.A thing fit to be eaten

A) Audible

B) Eligible

C) Delectable

D) Edible

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  Answer :-   (D)

Q7. An excessive fear of confined spaces

A) Hydrophobia

B) Bathophobia

C) Cyrophobia

D) Claustrophobia

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  Answer :-   (D) ?????


A) Pretended effort

B) Pretended effect

C) Pretended attack

D) Pretended support

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  Answer :-   (C)

Q9.A remedy for all diseases

A) Panacea

B) Mortal

C) Analgesia

D) Eternal

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  Answer :-   (A)

Q10.A person who is long experienced or practiced in an activity/capacity

A) Vulnerable

B) Veteran

C) Versatile

D) Venerable

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  Answer :-   (B)

Q11.A reserve for animals, birds etc in their natural habitat

A) Woods

B) Century

C) Sanctuary

D) Forest

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  Answer :-   (C)

Q12.The area of medicine that treats illnesses of bones

A) Orthopaedics

B) Ornithology

C) Paediatrics

D) Orthodontics

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  Answer :-   (A)

 Q13.A partner in crime  

A) Accomplice

B) Alibi

C) Assistant

D) Helper

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  Answer :-   (A)

Q14.A place where arms and weapons are stored

A) Arsenal

B) Granary

C) Tannery

D) Kiln

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  Answer :-   (A)

Q15.One who sells articles at public sales

A) Juggler

B) Auctioneer

C) Teller

D) Milliner

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  Answer :-   (B)

One word Substitution for SSC CGL 2023
One word Substitution for SSC CGL 2023


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Q16.A general act of forgiveness or pardon

A) Benediction

B) Emancipation

C) Gratification

D) Amnesty

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  Answer :-   (D)

Q17.Animals living in water

A) Gregarious

B) Mammals

C) Aquatic

D) Amphibian

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  Answer :-   (C)

Q18.Someone not fit to be chosen

A) Imeligible

B) Non-eligible

C) Ineligible

D) Uneligible

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  Answer :-   (C)

Q19.One who compiles a dictionary

A) Lexicographer

B) Lexicon

C) Lexical

D) Lexicography

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  Answer :-   (A)

Q20.A person who steals the writing of others

A) Nepotism

B) Plagiarism

C) Popular

D) Plagiarist

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  Answer :-   (D)

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