English Grammar MCQ Test With Answers upper Intermediate

English Grammar MCQ Test With Answers upper Intermediate | verbal questions examples with answers As you know verbal reasoning is an important topic in the reasoning section. Nobody wants to ignore a single question of verbal reasoning but sometimes students feel tired and leave the questions. So notice that here I am sharing top 100 verbal reasoning questions and answers for those students who are preparing for competitive exams. for All Competitive Exams top 100 Quiz .

English Grammar MCQ Test With Answers upper Intermediate


Directions:–In these questions, read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer, if there is no error the answer is (d). (Ignore errors of Punctuation, if any.)

  1. The earth (a)/ is moving round (b)/ the sun. (c) no error (d)
  2. The sun rises (a)/ in the east and (b)/ sets in the west.(c) no error (d)
  3. Man (a)/ is (b)/ mortal.(c) no error (d)
  4. The Sun (a)/ gives (b)/ us light.(c) no error (d)
  5. Man needs (a)/ air and water (b)/ to live (c) no error (d).
  6. Water (a)/ boils (b)/ at 100◦c. (c) no error (d)
  7. Water (a)/ freezes (b)/ at O (c) no error (d)
  8. If you heat (a)/ a metal, it (b)/ expands (c) no error (d)
  9. Wood (a)/ floats (b)/ on water. (c) no error (d)
  10. Iron does (a)/ not float (b)/on water. (c) no error (d)
  11. He told me (a)/ that water is evaporating above (b)/ 100 degree celsius. (c) no error (d)
  12. Neuton said (a)/ that every action had equal (b)/ and opposite reaction. (c) no error (d)
  13. Water is turning (a)/ into ice below zero (b)/ degree Celsius. (c) no error (d)
  14. Two and (a)/ two makes (b)/ four. (c) no error (d)
  15. My teacher taught (a)/ me that five and (b)/ five is making ten. (c) no error (d)
  16. My teacher taught (a)/ me that Kerala was (b)/ in the south of India. (c) no error (d)
  17. My mother told me (a)/ that Arunachal Pradesh (b)/ was in the North-East of India. (c)/ no error (d)
  18. My mother (a)/ said that honesty (b)/ is the best policy. (c) no error (d)
  19. A bad (a)/ carpenter claims (b)/ his tools. (c) no error (d)
  20. Barking (a)/ dogs seldom (b)/ bite. (c) no error (d)
  21. Failures (a)/ are pillars (b)/ of success. (c) no error (d)
  22. Wisdom (a)/ comes with (b)/ age. (c) no error (d)
  23. He (a)/ teaches (b)/ daily. (c) no error (d)
  24. He always (b)/ tells (b)/ a lie. (c) no error (d)
  25. I go to (a)/ school (b)/ everyday. (c) no error (d)
  26. I always (a)/ get up at 8 in the (b)/ morning daily. (c) no error (d)
  27. I always (a)/ sleep for 2 hours in (b)/ the afternoon.(c) no error (d)
  28. She (a)/ usually comes (b)/ here late. (c) no error (d)
  29. The children (a)/ are going to school (b)/ at 10am daily.(c) no error (d)
  30. He (a)/ is going to (b)/ school every day. (c) no error (d)

  31. He (a)/ takes exercise in (b)/ the morning. (c) no error (d)

  32. He wakes (a)/ up at seven (b)/ everyday. (c) no error (d)

  33. He generally (a)/ comes here (b)/on time. (c) no error (d)
  34. He rarely (a)/ speaks (b)/ the truth. (c) no error (d)
  35. He is always wearing (a)/ a red shirt but he (b)/ is wearing a black shirt today.(c)/ no error (d)
  36. Virat Kohli (a)/ strikes a six and takes the ball out (b)/  of the stadium. (c) no error (d)
  37. Ganguly runs after (a)/ the ball, catches it and throws it (b)/ on the stumps. (c) no error (d)
  38. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (a)/ strikes (b)/ the ball. (c) no error (d)
  39. Sachin strikes the (a)/ ball and off is goes(b)/  across the boundary line. (c) no error (d)
  40. The ruling (a)/ party takes an (b)/ oath on Sunday. (c) no error (d)
  41. S. backs but (a)/ China opposes (b)/ India’s NSG bid.(c) no error (d)
  42. The movie (a)/ released of 28th (b)/ of November. (c) no error (d)
  43. I celebrate (a)/ my birthday (b)/ on Depawali. (c) no error (d)
  44. The prime Minister (a)/ arrives from(b)/ New York tomorrow. (c) no error (d)
  45. He leaves (a)/ his job (b)/ next week. (c) no error (d)
  46. Gaurav goes (a)/ to Bhagalpur on (b)/ 10th (c) no error (d)
  47. The ship (a)/ travels to (b)/  England tomorrow.(c) no error (d)
  48. He opens (a)/ a school (b)/ in next July. (c) no error (d)

  49. Our school (a)/ re-opens (b)/ in January. (c) no error (d)

  50. Rahul leaves (a)/ for Jaipur (b)/ tomorrow. (c) no error (d)

  51. The college (a)/ reopens in (b)/ October. (c) no error (d)
  52. She leaves (a)/ for Dehradoon (b)/next month.(c) no error (d)
  53. I am having (a)/ a big house (b)/ and a car. (c) no error (d)
  54. Believe me (a)/ I am believe what (b)/ you say. (c) no error (d)
  55. She is belonging (a)/ to rich and (b)/ noble family. (c) no error (d)
  56. I am knowing (a)/ that she (b)/ is a spy. (c) no error (d)
  57. He (a)/ is owing (b)/ a car. (c) no error (d)
  58. The book (a)/ is containing good (b)/ subject. (c) no error (d)
  59. I am haveing (a)/ a (b)/ car. (c) no error (d)
  60. He is having (a)/ a big (b)/ house in the city. (c) no error (d)
  61. He (a)/ is belonging to (b)/ Mumbai. (c) no error (d)
  62. The Ganga (a)/ springs from (b)/ the Himalayas. (c) no error (d)
  63. Verbal Ability top 100 MCQ questions and answers | verbal questions examples with answers

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  1. I am not (a)/ preparing for the (b)/ competition exam. (c) no error (d)
  2. Why are (a)/ they not running (b)/ in the field with other boys? (c) no error (d)
  3. Are you (a)/ doing your (b)/ home work? (c) no error (d)
  4. It (a)/ is raining (b)/ heavily. (c) no error (d)
  5. The children (a)/ are playing in (b)/ the field. (c) no error (d)
  6. He is (a)/ sitting in (b)/ the room. (c) no error (d)
  7. Some birds (a)/ are Flying (b)/ high in the sky. (c) no error (d)
  8. She is (a)/ lighting (b)/ a candle. (c) no error (d)
  9. They are (a)/ quarrelling with (b)/ their neighbor. (c) no error (d)
  10. We are (a)/ not telling (b)/ a lie. (c) no error (d)
  11. She is(a)/ not wearing (b)/ her shoes.(c) no error (d)
  12. They are (a)/ not eating (b)/ Mangoes.(c) no error (d)
  13. He is (a)/ not copying (b)/ me. (c) no error (d)
  14. Are (a)/ they beating (b)/ a drum? (c) no error (d)
  15. Are they (a)/ stopping (b)/ the bus? (c) no error (d)
  16. How is (a)/ he (b)/ making toys? (c) no error (d)
  17. Are they (a)/ not eating (b)/ mangoes? (c) no error (d)
  18. Are the (a)/ flowers (b)/ not fading? (c) no error (d)
  19. She (a)/ is (b)/ cooking. (c) (c) no error (d) English Grammar MCQ Test With Answers upper Intermediate

  20. They (a)/ are watching (b)/ television. (c) no error (d)

  21. He is (a)/ writing (b)/ a book. (c) no error (d)

  22. I am (a)/ going to (b)/ Delhi tonight. (c) no error (d)

  23. Jony is (a)/ going to Shimla (b)/ tomorrow. (c) no error (d)
  24. I am (a)/ going to (b)/ buy a car. (c) no error (d)
  25. He is (a)/ going to get (b)/ married this year. (c) no error (d)
  26. She is (a)/ teaching mathematics (b)/ these days. (c) no error (d)
  27. ….

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  1. He has (a)/ finished his (b)/ tea just now. (c) no error (d)
  2. He (a)/ has done (b)/ his home work. (c) no error (d)
  3. I have read the (a)/ first two chapters (b)/ of this book. (c) no error (d)
  4. He (a)/ has cleaned the (b)/ black board. (c) no error (d)
  5. I have (a)/ never seen (b)/ you before. (c) no error (d)

  6. He has (a)/ not taken (b)/ bath. (c) no error (d)

  7. You have (a)/ not taken (b)/ meal. (c) no error (d)

  8. They have (a)/ not read (b)/ the letter. (c) no error (d)
  9. Has he(a)/ lived in this home(b)/  for ten years?(c) no error (d)
  10. Have they (a)/ sent any(b)/ money?(c) no error (d)
  11. Have all (a)/ the leaves not (b)/ fallen from the tree? (c) no error (d)

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